About This Blog

Living with a Caveman? You’re Not Alone!

In a world reportedly filled with modern partners who cook and vacuum, attend PTO meetings and doctor’s appointments, and share an increasing number of household chores and parenting tasks with their significant other, millions of us have managed to saddle ourselves with a partner who won’t lift a finger around the home—no matter what we do.

Regardless of what you call him—a lazy husband, an unhelpful partner, a you-should-have-asked mate, an oblivious significant other, a useless hubby, or a “Caveman“—if it is your case, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU!

On good days, it will make you laugh. On bad days, it will remind you that you’re not alone in your boat—and that there’s always someone who has it worse. On days you think you’ve reached the end of the rope, it may give you hope and the strength to make it through—or out.

In it, I bare it all, sharing with you the funny, the bad and the ugly. Not with stereotypes, but with real-life examples that illustrate what living with the Caveman is like, and how I make it work—most days.

And because a blog is defined by what it is as much as what it’s not, this is a list of what this blog is not:

  • A male bashing blog (partly because some of the worst “Cavemen” I know are women, but mostly because the only person bashed in this blog is actually me—call me brave… or not too bright; it’s a fine line)
  • A feel-sorry-for-me blog (because I’m pretty clear that I’m lying in the bed I’ve made, and that I’m purposely staying in it—at least for the moment being)
  • A let-me-tell-you-what-to-do blog (because let’s be honest, here: I’m no psychologist, marriage counselor or behavioral anthropologist, and I don’t presume to know more than the next person about men, women, marriage, relationship, or how to solve marriage/relationship issues)

With that said… Welcome to my blog!

Not always so serious. Sometimes painfully blunt. Always 100% honest.