About Me

If You Won’t Ditch It, Own it! – Elle M.

Hi! I’m Elle M., multilingual writer, mother of two (a teenager and a little one), and long-time Caveman’s partner.

In a rare epiphany moment some twenty years into my relationship with my “lazy husband” (call me slow), it dawned on me that I could deal with my marriage issues in only three ways:

  • Learn to find contentment in my life as a “doer of it all”
  • Leave my Caveman and head for less stressful pastures
  • Reform my Caveman and our relationship—the hard way

I chose the third option, and in the process, I decided to take a good look at my Caveman, our relationship and myself, and head on a journey to discover how to make it work after years of dysfunctional relationship.

In this blog, I bare it all, sharing with you the funny, the bad and the ugly. Not with stereotypes, but with real-life examples that illustrate what living with the Caveman is like, and how I make it work—most days.